Why You Should Get Copper Roofing

If you are looking for a roof that you not have to constantly maintain in your lifetime, consider getting a copper roof. Not only is it beautiful, it is a lasting investment that can be used for generations. Here are some great benefits of copper roofing:


As Copper Ages, It Will Turn Colors From Brown To Blue

If you have a home you are planning to use for generations, a copper roof is a great investment. Buildings that were built in the 1700s with copper roofs have been recorded to still be standing! Even when all the other parts of your building will eventually need replacing, your roof won’t.


Since it is made of metal, copper roofing can withstand all weather. Rain slides right off and won’t leak into your home because there are no seams for water to fall through. Hail might be a little noisier but your roof won’t be damaged. Wind and snow can’t wear the copper roof down, either. Since it is metal, copper is also one of the few roofing systems that are fireproof!

Natural Color Change

If you’ve ever seen a blue penny, it’s because it has been exposed to the elements and rusted as the copper has aged. The same will happen to your roof during its 300 year lifespan. With one installation price, you get multiple roofing colors like mahogany to teal as your roof ages.


Along with aluminum and steel, copper is the lightest metal roofing system. Having a lightweight roof is benedficial as it puts less strain on your home’s foundation.

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