The Benefits of Skylights

Skylights are beautiful are great energy savers for homes. Here are some benefits of installing a skylight.


A lot of homeowners get skylights installed in their bathrooms. That way they can get calming natural light, but still get privacy and ventilation as the window is facing up and not sideways where others might be able to peek in.

Energy Efficient

Skylights Are Great Energy Savers

Warm air rises, so your home will stay cool as all the warm air will escape through the skylight. Also, since skylights use natural energy instead of manmade, it helps the environment, minimizing your carbon footprint. Since the skylight uses solar light, it is an unlimited resource that will lower your electricity bill as you do not have to turn on light switches.

Makes Small Spaces Seem Bigger

Just like putting mirrors in small spaces make them seem bigger, skylights have the same effect. A regular lightbulb gives off limited light and can make spaces feel tight. Natural light from a skylight will make rooms seem more expansive, like you really are outdoors under the sun.

Visually Appealing

Studies have shown that natural light has a drastic effect on improving mood and energy. If you’re sitting in the dark all day, you feel lazy and depressed. With natural light, you feel productive and energized.

Reduced Mold and Mildew Growth

Mold and mildew grow when water is in dark areas. You’ll usually find this fungus growing on shady parts of your roof where rainwater has pooled or on an interior wall in a home where a pipe has burst. Warm sunlight will kill off the fungus from growing and spreading.

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