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When you consider protection, your gutters fill an indispensable role for a house. Gutters are manufactured to channel rainfall away from your roofing system and a home’s foundation. Major storms and the changing seasons offer particularly good opportunities to check the gutters. Give Faile Roofing a call at (704) 837-0931 if you require rain gutter installation in Lake Wylie and Rock Hill, SC. In addition to roofs, our team will offer expert service for home siding. We offer a variety of different styles of gutters, including seamless, copper, aluminum, steel and vinyl. Whatever you need for your rain gutters, we are here to help.

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We take gutter installation seriously at Faile Roofing and only use premier material selections. When we take on a gutter installation project, we appreciate the necessity of both aesthetics and functionality. We consistently employ strong fasteners that will present no damage to the fascia. The measure of a gutter system’s proper establishment appears when it pours rain, as the water should drain speedily and efficiently to guard your roof and prevent standing pools at the foundation. Reach out to us today if you need updated gutters and want to get information in regards to what we can supply.

When it comes to the condition of your drainage system, there exist a few assorted things that can reveal the requirement for repairs. Peeled paint and daubs of rust are two signs that a homeowner should easily see from below. Progressive agedness and general wear can make either of these to occur. If you happen to uncover these issues with regularity, you need to look at a gutter installation. Should you see holes or cracks in areas of the gutter system, those areas may need to be supplanted. Wood rot, mold, and mildew each stand as consequences of the rainwater that flows from these damaged sections. An additional issue to consider is separation from your home. We are able to serve clients who have these gutter issues or others and anticipate the call for work. To start your new gutter installation in Lake Wylie and Rock Hill, SC, or to schedule gutter maintenance services, give us a ring at (704) 837-0931 now! We pride ourselves on customer service and are thrilled for the opportunity to solve your gutter needs.

Gutter & Leaf Guards

Gutter and Leaf Guard Services

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Our Roofers Are Able to Install and Repair Gutter and Leaf Guards.

Are you someone who really dislikes cleaning your gutters? While its a task that no one particularly likes, it still needs to be done. This is because our gutters can get clogged very easily with leaves, twigs, and other debris. When our gutters become clogged, they can cause water to flood over the side of our gutters and onto our roof and foundation. The purpose of our gutters is to protect our roof and foundation from water damage, which is why gutter cleaning and so critical.

But what if it was easier to clean your gutters? In addition to our gutter installation and repair in Lake Wylie and Rock Hill, SC, we also offer installation and repair for gutter and leaf guards. The way that these guards work is that a mesh screen or an actual guard will allow water to go into the gutter, but will keep leaves, twigs, and other debris out of the gutter itself. Yes, cleanup will still have to be done, but it doesn’t require you to stick your hand in a gutter and fish out a bunch of debris. With a filter or a guard, you will either have to clean leaves off a filter or leaves off of the ground.

Benefits of Gutter and Leaf Guards

The biggest benefits that homeowners take away from gutter and leaf guards is that they will prevent clogs in your gutters and make cleaning a lot easier. While this is absolutely true, there are other reasons why this type of guard for your gutter is essential.

  • Prevent Gutters From Rusting: Since wet leaves, tree twigs, and other debris aren’t able to get into the gutters, it will prevent the inside of your gutters from rusting, which can shorten the life of your gutter system.
  • Avoid Roof Leaks: When a gutter system becomes too clogged, it can cause water to overflow on a roof. With the weight of so much water on a roof, leaks can form. Roof guards prevent this from happening since there is no debris to clog up the gutter, making it easier for water to flow through.
  • Keep Insects and Animals Away: Gutters clogged with leaves and other debris make really great nests for animals and insects alike. Because debris and leaves will no longer be able to fit inside the gutter, there is no chance you will have insect and animal infestation that can ruin your gutters or your residential roofing.
  • Makes Cleaning Gutters Safer: In order to clean gutters, you have to get on a ladder to do so. Since gutter cleaning is cut significantly due to gutter and leaf guards, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the gutters often, which in turn keeps you safely on the ground.

If you are interested in this type of gutter installation for your Lake Wylie and Rock Hill, SC home, please call us at (704) 837-0931! We can also provide repairs if your gutter and leaf guard is damaged.

Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Service

Have you noticed that your roof has green moss growing on it or it has black streaks running across it? You would think with occasional rain, this wouldn’t be a problem, but that is exactly why your roof is covered in moss, algae, and even mold. The buildup of moisture, in addition to leaves, twigs, and other debris can cause moss and mold to grow on your residential roofing system. Not only can these things make your roof look unsightly, they can also destroy your roofing material.

Cleaning a Roof Using High Pressure Cleaning Tool.

We Use Chemical and High Pressure Cleaning To Perform Excellent Roof Cleaning Service.

Fortunately, there is a way to combat this problem and that is with professional roof cleaning from the roofers at Faile Roofing. Whether you have metal roofing or asphalt shingles, we are able to clean your roofing system that will keep your roof protected for several years to come. Using innovative cleaning methods and state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to prevent the growth of moss, algae, mold, and also get rid of bacteria, buildup, and stains that have made your an eyesore.

Advantages of Roof Cleaning

When you invest in roof cleaning, you are investing in the appearance and efficiency of your roof, as well as your safety.

  • Better Energy Efficiency: This might seem like a stretch, but when your roof gets black streaks on it due to algae, the sun that beams down on your roof can increase the need for cooling in your home. This is because anything dark on the roof traps heat and in turn makes your AC work harder. Getting your roof clean means your roof is more energy efficient.
  • Keep Yourself Safe: Another reason professional roof cleaning is a benefit to homeowners is that they don’t have to get on their roof to clean it themselves. Getting on a roof when you don’t have the proper safety gear can be dangerous, which is why roof cleaning should be left to experts who not only have the necessary equipment but also have tons of experience walking around roofs.
  • Preventative Action: We all want our roofs to be in the best shape possible, so why not invest in cleaning? Just like gutters can become damaged due to leaves, twigs, and debris, our roofs can also become damaged due to these things. When these things are on your roof, they can cause mold and algae; when they are not taken care of they can cause a lot of structural damage to your roof. Cleaning ensures your roof is clean and well protected.
  • Increased Curb Appeal: While we want our roofs to be in excellent condition, we also want them to look good. When a roof is in good shape and also looks good, it can increase your home’s curb appeal.

If you are interested in roof cleaning, call our roofers at (704) 837-0931. We are the experts to call when you want roof cleaning, gutter repairs, and gutter installation in the Lake Wylie and Rock Hill, SC area.