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Your residential roof plays a very important role in protecting your home and family from the outside elements. A damaged roof cannot adequately fulfill this function, as it becomes prone to leaks and other issues. A roof that inspires anything but total confidence should receive the benefit of professional service. Make sure to address any roofing needs quickly, and call (704) 837-0931 for the leading residential roofer in Lake Wylie and Rock Hill, SC: Faile Roofing.

We are an experienced residential roofing team that has been servicing the Lake Wylie and Rock Hill community for years with effective roofing solutions and exceptional customer care. Our roofers are incredibly skilled at creating affordable and effective solutions that meet your needs and fit your budget. Don’t hesitate to contact us when your residential roof begins to show signs of wear and tear.

Quality Service from a Residential Roofer

In order to guarantee the longevity of your home, it is essential that you find a residential roofer you can rely on to keep your roofing in top condition. For reliable residential roofing services for your home, from roof repairs to roof replacements, you can count on Faile Roofing. We work with the leading manufacturers in the industry to purchase strong, durable materials that will provide quality protection for your home in even the worst storms. Each of our roofs is repaired or installed with only top quality techniques, which is why we are considered a superior residential roofer in Lake Wylie and Rock Hill, SC. Give us a call at (704) 837-0931 to schedule an appointment today, or click on the links below to learn more about the services we provide.

Do You Need a New Roof Installation?

A wealth of roof materials can make it difficult for the future homeowner to pick the right on for their roof installation. Between the categories of roofs we apply, each presents its own advantages and drawbacks.


Asphalt Shingles

Roofer Completing Asphalt Shingle Repair

We Offer Professional Asphalt Shingle Repair and Replacement Services to Protect Your Roof.

Made from fiberglass matting coated with asphalt granules, asphalt shingle roofs are not only one of the most traditional roof types, but also one of the most affordable. Regardless of how you want your house’s roof to appear, there are tons of types of asphalt shingles to pick from, with an extensive range of colors and shapes. We often suggest that homeowners pick a color that goes with the brick or siding of the home, but also meshes with their personal sense of design. Your shingle roofing will defend and benefit your home well for years, however, no matter which style you pick. If you expect your new roof to last, it is important to set up annual asphalt shingle repair and maintenance services.

No roof system lasts indefinitely, and with an asphalt shingle roof, every fifteen years you may want to look into replacement or even restoration options. You are not limited to a few choices in this roofing style, and we are glad to provide an extensive selection for you to consider. Our crew has been helping this city for a long time, and we are extremely knowledgeable about asphalt shingle roof installations along with replacements. Contact the team now at (704) 837-0931 to get your quote for asphalt shingle installation in Lake Wylie and Rock Hill, SC now! For any of your residential or shingle roofing needs, you can count on our crew!

3 tab Shingles

3 Tab Shingles

Close Up of 3 Tab Shingles

3 Tab Roofing Shingles Create a Distinct Pattern That Adds Depth to Your Homes Roof.

3 tab shingles are the most widely used roofing material available, partly due to their cost-efficiency and resistance to the elements. These roofing shingles come in almost any color or tint you can imagine, making them ideal for customized roofing projects and looks. For a cost-effective roofing option that provides quality, longevity, and resistance, call our experts now at (704) 837-0931 to speak more about the advantages of 3 tab shingles in Lake Wylie and Rock Hill, SC.

What Are 3 Tab Shingles?

Named for their design, 3 tab shingles are asphalt roofing sheets with three tabs cut out of the bottom to appear as three separate shingles when applied to a roof. These systems can create a look of depth and dimension on your home as well as providing resistance from weather and leaks. Because they can be installed over many current roofs, 3 tab shingles can save you labor and disposal fees from roof tear off. Their simple installation process delivers quicker than normal installation times, saving you money on labor charges.

House with 3 Tab Shingles on the Roof

A 3 Tab Shingle Roof Offers Quality Protection Against Storm Damage.

A 3 tab shingle roof is an extremely cost-effective solution and can last up to 25 years with proper maintenance. They can resist insects and pests, UV rays, and extreme weather conditions, and can be reinforced for extra protection. 3 tab roofing shingles can be purchased with algae and mildew resistance. Once properly installed, a 3 tab shingle roof is lightweight, which means it won’t cause undue stress on your roof decking or framing. In addition to their strength and durability, installing 3 tab shingles will increase your home’s curb appeal and property values, since these shingles can be found in almost any hue and texture for a completely unique look.

Learn More About 3 Tab Shingles

Our team works to deliver only the highest quality materials by cultivating working relationships with local leading suppliers We offer explanation and advice on material cost and effectiveness, longevity, and installation time to ensure you are proud of your finished product. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of installing 3 tab shingles in Lake Wylie and Rock Hill, SC, call the roofing experts at Faile Roofing at (704) 837-0931 for more information.


Premium Roofing

Roofer Completing a Slate Roof Installation

We Offer Expert Roof Installation Services for a Variety of Specialized Materials.

Slate and Tile: Some structures can benefit from the appearance of trendy brands of shingle options. Slate possesses a natural look, quality resilience to flames, plus the chance to last for many decades. Ceramic tiles also claim a high resilience to fire and can endure for up to seven decades. For slate, weaknesses involve weight and the notable level of skills for placement. Ceramic tiles only become suitable for particular weather zones and may shatter if they have to uphold too much weight.

Metal Roofs: Metal roofs possess unparalleled fortitude, and have pre-cut sheets to make installation speedy and efficient. Lighter weight and almost no maintenance necessities count as two more positives for a metal roof installation. Over the years, metal roofs often lose their gleam and also require a knowledgeable partner for the installation process. Contact our office at (704) 837-0931 to learn more about the benefits of a metal roof installation in Lake Wylie and Rock Hill, SC.

Cedar Shingles and Wood Shakes: Cedar shingles and wood shakes have an environmentally friendly nature and naturally attractive appearance. When comprised of found wood or accumulated with care, these choices have no rivals when one considers the health of the environment. On the flipside, this roof installation can become costly and often require occasional expert service.

Roof Decking

Roof Decking

Roofer Installing Roof Decking

Roof Decking is the Primary Layer of Support for Your Roofing Materials.

With any kind of roofing system, it is essential that you choose the ideal foundation for the roof first and foremost. You might have heard of roof decking or roof sheathing previously, and each of those names refers to a roof’s foundation. Your roof decking is so essential, it not only protects the roof from caving in, but also from leaks, which is why the material you choose is so essential. To learn more, call our office at (704) 837-0931 and ask one of the contractors about home roof decking options in Lake Wylie and Rock Hill, SC, and the surrounding areas. We are committed to customer satisfaction, here at Faile Roofing, and we look forward to assisting you with whatever your roof needs!

Why Is Roof Decking Important?

Close up of Roof Decking

It Is Important to Choose a Roof Decking Material that Will Be Able to Support Your Roofing Products.

As was briefly mentioned above, roof decking plays a few different roles in the protection and support of your home’s roofing. Prior to the commonplace installation of the roof decking, it was common to see issues with roofing damage, major leaks, and other costly problems. Due to the regular installation of roof decking in modern roofing, roof systems serve longer and work better than ever before. The kind of decking you use needs to be strong enough to support whichever roof material you decide on. Your roof sheathing ends up supporting more than just the weight of your roof materials, and will additionally be in charge of supporting any added stress weight placed on the system. For instance, if snow or tree branches fall on your roof, reliable decking is responsible for evenly distributing the weight, and preventing your roofing system from caving in.

At Faile Roofing, we provide a selection of residential roof services, and we consider installing decking among the most critical. Whatever your needs are, from repairs to installations, contact us at (704) 837-0931 for assistance with roof decking in Lake Wylie and Rock Hill, SC. Our experienced roofers are happy to walk you through the roofing process, as well as answer any questions you might have. We work with the industry’s finest distributors and manufacturers to ensure that the roofing materials we install for you are going to last. Our staff is committed to providing you with the strongest roof on the market, starting with the very first layer of roofing materials. Call us today to set up an appointment.

Residential Roof Repair

Roofer Completing Tile Roof Repair

We Offer Roof Repair Services For Many Different Types of Residential Roofing Materials.

Faile Roofing is well known as the premier answer for roof repair in Lake Wylie and Rock Hill, SC and the surrounding area. We know the necessity of a well-maintained roof, and see a great amount of significance into recurrent upkeep. You need a roofing system that will withstand any storm to defend your home and loved ones. If a job requires repair to a roof, our main goal is that it can stand up to every danger that time or the weather throws.

If it has been awhile since your last inspection, give us the opportunity to take a look at your roof and perform any beneficial repairs. Regular roof repair does a great deal more than merely increase the life of your roof. Phone us whenever at (704) 837-0931 to find out more in regards to our business or schedule service. Choose Faile Roofing the next time you need premier service for roof repair in Lake Wylie and Rock Hill, SC.

Would Your Residence Benefit from Roof Repair?

As the seasons pass, the benefits of repairing your roof can apply to any roofing system. Consider these points if you need more information on the value of roof repair.

Roof Needing Professional Roof Repair Services

Regular Roof Repair Can Resolve Problems On Your Roof Before They Cause Serious Damage.

Detect Leaks: A ceiling disfigured with brownish patches, the usual traces of leaking water, often materialize too late to avert damage. Our technicians always look for signs of water leaks while working on a roofing system. If we find them, we can make the repairs that save you money.

Avoid Costly Replacement: Get inspections and repair performed on a frequent basis to extend the usefulness of your roof. Since you may choose the fixes that supplant the requirement for a new roof, the money you devote will reward substantial dividends. Roofs that have not received the benefits of maintenance have a negative effect on your house’s curb appeal. The service you do on various other elements will matter little when held up against a roofing system that has never received the benefits of service.

Roof Replacement

Residential Roof Replacements

Roofer Removing the Old Roof for a Roof Replacement

We Offer Clean Removal Services for Your Roof Replacement Needs.

As with any component of a home, a roofing system has a finite lifespan. When the day appears to restore yours, for services well accomplished, go with the pros at Faile Roofing. As the nearby experts on house roofing, we know how to make replacements in a thorough manner. We appreciate how roof replacement rarely becomes necessary at an agreeable point, and supply help as fast as it is efficient.

No house roofing installation work appears too massive for our team of technicians. Pay attention to the signs of wear and additional indicators that your roof may need replacement. Phone us at (704) 837-0931 if the moment has arrived for a replacement roofing system. For your roof replacement in Lake Wylie and Rock Hill, SC, go with the experts at Faile Roofing.

Is It Time for Your Roof Replacement?

Whether a roofing system requires replacement often comes down to a matter of magnitude. A limited number of missing shingles can merely get fixed, for example. Too many, however, can signal a need for a complete new roof. If you possess any uncertainties about the long-term durability of your roof, reach out to our team right away for an inspection.

Missing or Damaged Shingles: Roofing systems with a large number of buckled, curled, cracked, or missing shingles needs fast replacement. Many repaired shingles will only make your roof appear patchworked. Lurking dangers with your roof will also become indicated by absent or broken shingles. Even if extreme winds only displaced a small number of shingles, the remainder could have gotten loosened and primed to depart at any time.

Roofer Completing a Roof Replacement

If You Require a Professional Roof Replacement, Contact Our Office Today.

Age: Old age should serve as a major indicator of the necessity for roof replacement. Twenty years is the usual span of time that a shingle roof will endure. A roof that has persisted that long must at least get a check-up. Keep in mind, even when the next major storm could stand as its final, an ancient roofing system can look okay to untrained eyes.

Water Stains: Water damage inside of your home indicate a roofing system that has proven unsuccessful at its primary job: to keep water outside. Call our team for a review if you own a leaky roof. Dependent on the severity of the leaks, you may want to consider the roof for replacement.

Maintenance Plans

Annual Inspection Service

Roofer Completing Roof Maintenance

We Offer Quality Roof Maintenance Plans and Services to Protect Your Roof.

It is imperative to keep your roof free of debris and algae, which rapidly decreases the lifespan of your shingles. We use aerial footage, as well a thorough inspection by our qualified technicians, to document your roof. We relay this information to you with any defects or minor repairs we see necessary to prevent future leaks. This service starts at $69.00 annually and includes our emergency leak service. Price may vary depending on roof scale.

Annual Roof Maintenance

Our annual roof maintenance plan includes the Annual Inspection Plan, and also any minor repairs less than $50. This plan also includes the removal of large debris from the roof and trimming branches directly touching your roof. This plans start at $109.00 annually and also includes our free emergency leak service. Actual plan cost may vary depending on roof scale.

Bi-annual Roof Maintenance

This plan mirrors our annual roof maintenance plan, while we service and inspect your roof twice a year. Things we notice such as minor caulk repairs or clogged gutter downspouts will be repaired at no additional charge. This plan starts at $179.00 and includes our free emergency leak service. Price may vary depending on nature of roof scale.

Roof Cleaning

We are now offering low pressure, no abrasion shingle cleaning to our customers. This method uses low water pressure equivalent to a garden hose and a special chemical to remove the Gloeocapsa Magma fungus (green or black streaks on the roof) from your home safely without damaging plants or your shingles. Give us a call today at (704) 837-0931 for a free estimate for more information about our roof maintenance in Lake Wylie and Rock Hill, SC!

Current Promotional Offers

Check back later for deals of the week, or you can always give us a call at (704) 837-0931 to schedule an appointment or set up one of our roof maintenance in Lake Wylie and Rock Hill, SC.

Soffit & Fascia

What is Fascia and Soffit?

Do You Need Fascia and Soffit Repair?

Our Staff Offers Professional Fascia and Soffit Repair Services to Prevent Leaks in Your Attic.

Along the edge of your roof and serving as the main attachment point for your gutters is the fascia. You can find the soffit bridging the gap between the siding and roof line. The soffit is necessary to sustain your home’s proper attic ventilation and fascia protects your roof from water damage, while concurrently providing a smooth and finished look to the roof. With both of these factors being so critical to the complete health of your roofing system, you want to make sure it remains in good shape by getting regular fascia and soffit repair.

Is It Time to Schedule Fascia and Soffit Repair?

Contact Our Office If You Need to Schedule Fascia and Soffit Repair Today.

The solution to keeping your roof in good condition is routine scheduled maintenance. However, what some people may not know if they actually are able to regularly monitor their fascia without having to wait for a professional roofer. You will want to make sure that there are no sagging or broken areas, as well as keep an eye out for animals that may be trying to create a nest in between your fascia and gutters. Clear away any build up that you see and make sure that you keep your gutters clear to avoid problems such as rotted fascia. When it comes to your soffit, check for signs of moisture in the attic or even a sudden increase in your heating and cooling costs. Learn more about how to protect your roof or schedule an appointment with our at Faile Roofing for fascia and soffit repair in Lake Wylie and Rock Hill, SC by calling (704) 837-0931 today.


Do you Need Roof Flashing Repair?

Roofer Completing Roof Flashing Repair

Roof Flashing Repair Can Protect Your Home From Leaks and Water Damage.

A need for roof flashing repair will get revealed through the following signs. Should you detect them, don’t delay to call our team and set aside time for maintenance. Deteriorated flashing makes your roof susceptible, and will manufacture the necessity of much more costly fixes over the years.

Age: It was common with old homes to employ roof cement or tar in the place of flashing. The owner of the residence will be compelled to enact maintenance as these materials degrade. To show whether the flashing has aged beyond the point of utility, arrange for a review. When we render maintenance, we employ updated, first-rate metal to construct a residence’s flashing defense.

Rust or Corrosion: Metal flashing will also need restoration eventually. If the flashing has started to rust, then it is primed for replacement. Flashing that has become susceptible to rainfall will not accomplish its purpose. Flashing left to rust should soon corrode to the state where it does nothing.

Roof Leaks: Leaks in your house will easily occur from deteriorated or wrongly installed flashing. As a component of the roof’s drain system, specific pieces of flashing are more sensitive to water. Since flashing’s primary function is to stop leakage in a residence, you must have compromised pieces fixed as quickly as feasible.

Reliable Home Repair Services

There are many roofing services our professionals can handle with ease. In order to improve the service we offer to our customers, all of our crews are now able to offer additional home repair services too! We can help you with the gutter repair if you’re struggling with gutter issues that are causing significant water damage to your property. If your skylights windows are leaking, we also offer skylight repair at cost-effective prices. If repairs just are not enough to get the job done correctly, our replacement and home installation services might be ideal for you. Click on the links below to learn more about specific home repair services. If you have questions or would like more information, contact our staff at (704) 837-0931.

Get The Home Repairs You Need Today

Do You Need Home Repair Services?

Our Home Repair Services Include Skylight Repair and Replacements.

When items such as your gutters and skylights begin to fall apart, they affect your house in more ways than one. Damages are not just risky to your family, but also to your home’s value and curb appeal. To order the home repair services in Lake Wylie and Rock Hill, SC that you want, make sure to pick Faile Roofing. Get in contact with one of our qualified technicians today by calling (704) 837-0931. We work with the industry’s finest manufacturers and distributors to ensure that the materials we use to repair your home are going to last. Whether you need minor repairs or a complete replacement for your gutters or skylight window, our staff is here to help.

Skylight Services

Roofer Completing Skylight Repair

Call Our Professional Roofers For All Your Skylight Repair or Installation Needs.

Do you have a skylight on your house, or are you considering in installing one? Damages to skylights should always be a high-priority repair since damaged skylights are unable to supply your house with all of the advantages you can receive from a functional skylight. If you have seen that your skylight is leaking, you can rely on Faile Roofing for speedy as well as budget-friendly skylight repair in Lake Wylie and Rock Hill, SC and the nearby cities. We know how to repair a leaky skylight, and we can even perform professional skylight dome replacement if needed. To ask for your skylight repair, installation, or replacements, you can talk to our specialists at (704) 837-0931 today!

Do You Need Skylight Repair?

When you need a way to increase the energy efficiency of your house, as well as add to the amount of natural light in your house, a skylight is a great option to look into. Dirty, broken, or leaking skylights, on the other hand, are not only unpleasant to see, but additionally a hazard to your roof and home. When it comes to cost, we cannot provide an accurate estimate for your leaky skylight repair cost before a thorough assessment from one of our experts. After years of skylight repair experience, our specialists can pinpoint the source of disrepair on your roof quickly, and then find a viable solution swiftly and effectively. Sometimes it’s more budget-friendly and efficient to merely go for complete skylight replacement instead. In the event that you have hail damage on your skylight, our skylight dome replacement solution is typically effective.

Skylight Needing Skylight Repair

We Offer Skylight Repair Services to Prevent Water Damage in Your Home.

Regardless of which type of skylight replacement or repair project you need assistance with, our crew is here to assist you. As part of our efforts to give our clients the greatest service we can, here at Faile Roofing we choose to work with only top-quality materials. Skylight replacement is always a possible and effective option, but if all you want is an expert that knows how to repair a leaky skylight, we have got you covered there, as well. Get the skylight repair in Lake Wylie and Rock Hill, SC that you need by setting up an appointment at (704) 837-0931 now!

Residential Roofing Inspections

Roofer Completing Roof Inspections

Routine Roof Inspections Will Help Keep Your Roofing Materials in Tip-Top Condition.

When looking for roof inspections in Lake Wylie and Rock Hill, SC, know who to contact. Thorough roofing inspection services and more are available from Faile Roofing. Our roofing contractors inspect everything from your roof materials to seals and structure of the roofing system to locate weaknesses and vulnerabilities that can lead to trouble in the future. To restore your roof to its best, we notify you of all damage once the inspection is finished and work with you to get your roof system at its best. For all of your roofing system repair or replacement needs, Faile Roofing provides the best service and is ready to assist you. For more information on how roof inspections can aid your house, contact (704) 837-0931 today!

The Pros of Roof Inspections

Do You Need to Schedule Roof Inspections?

We Offer Professional Roof Inspections to Pinpoint Potential Problems on Your Home’s Roof.

In order for your home to provide quality protection against damage and aging, it is very important to have your roof regularly inspected by a professional roofer. Having your roof system inspected and maintained at minimum once a year with added inspections after big storms are the recommendation. With these services, you can ensure your roof stays healthy, lengthening its life and delaying replacement. Any undefended areas or storm damage issues may be repaired by your roofing contractor after roof inspections, making sure your roof is prepared for the next storm.

Signs that your roof system requires inspection can show as wear on the materials or hollowed areas in your roof structure. Repair or replacement can be needed, so it is important to contact your roofer for inspection. For thorough reporting of your roof inspections, Faile Roofing is the roofing company for you. During all services, we recommend the best actions for your roofing system and hear your requirements. Roof services supplied by our team are offered for your residence and meant to provide you with the best customer service and roof repair.

Hire a Residential Roofer You Can Trust

At Faile Roofing, we are committed to making sure every single one our customers receives the finest roof repairs and the best customer service. To ensure top quality craftsmanship, each of our roofers is taught to utilize industry standard techniques, and all of our contractors are insured as well as licensed. We understand that roofing problems rarely occur at a convenient time, which is why we provide top quality services at affordable prices. For the residential roofing roofer in Lake Wylie and Rock Hill, SC you can count on for prices you love and results that work, call us at (704) 837-0931 now. Let us help you find the solution you need to keep your residential roof in the best possible condition.