What Makes Metal Roof Systems So Attractive to Homeowners?

A Closeup of Red Metal Roofing

Metal Roof Systems Have a Great Reputation, But are They Really All They’re Cracked Up to Be?

Metal has been all the rage in the last few decades, especially in residential environments. Roofing companies and manufacturing businesses alike sing its praises. This begs the question: in a housing market so dominated by traditional asphalt shingles, why should homeowners consider metal roof systems? 

Why Choose Metal?

Metal roofing is a hefty, long-term purchase. If you’re going to pull the trigger on replacement roofing, you should know what benefits you can anticipate from your investment. Right?

Perk #1: Long-Term Functionality

When compared with asphalt shingles, metal roofs will typically last three times as long. That’s 60 years or more of protection for your property. During this time, you can expect fantastic resilience against wind, hail, severe rain, and any sort of extreme weather you can think of.

Perk #2: Minimal Maintenance Requirements

Durable roofing means fewer calls for repairs, and that’s something anyone can appreciate! Most homeowners that rely on metal roofing systems only schedule inspections every 3 to 5 years. If your metal paneling or shingles are somehow damaged, they can simply be repaired or replaced without any hassle.

Perk #3: Improved Energy Efficiency

Metal is considered a “cool roofing” material. This means that it deflects a high percentage of sunlight. Consequentially, homes with metal roofing typically don’t have to run the AC as long to keep the house cool. That means significantly lower numbers on your monthly energy bill!

Do Metal Roofs Help in Winter?

But what about winter? Is metal roofing a danger during the winter time? On the contrary, the insulating effect that keeps out exterior heat also insulates interior heating and cooling. Again, this means reduced usage of your heater, potentially reducing your long-term need for heating system maintenance. In other words, a metal roof keeps things cozy! If you’re worried about leaks, these systems are also less likely to allow water through the rooftop.

Get an Estimate on Your Metal Roofing!

There are numerous types of metal roof systems for your style delight, including:

  • Metal Shingles
  • Standing Seams
  • Corrugated Paneling
  • and More!

Each style comes with unique benefits and beautiful flair. If you’d like to learn more about residential metal roofing in Lake Wylie and Rock Hill, SC or a surrounding city, talk with one of our knowledgeable experts at (704) 837-0931!